Amtekai Oorga | Amtekai Uppinakai | Indian Hog Plums Pickle

Amtekai OR “Hog Plum” as its called in English is a popular raw fruit in Karnataka (India) used commonly in Indian styled Pickle’s. This is a type of sour raw fruit (just like a raw mango).  Available mostly during summer time in India.

The pickle (Amtekai Uppinakayi) made from this raw fruit is quite popular in Karnataka. 
It is also very tasty and has a very different taste when compared to the regular pickles (Mango, Lime etc.,)
Here in NY-US,  I have never seen this fruit available fresh, even in Indian stores I have only seen them available in the freezer section sometimes.
I was in India during this summer and made this pickle from fresh Amtekai with my mother (amma).

HogPlum Pic courtesy : Flickr

  • Hog Plum / Amtekai - 1 kg 
  • Byadagi chillies  - 100 grm
  • Guntur chillies - 50 grm
  • Mustard seeds - 1/4 cup
  • Rock salt - to taste (aprox - 2 tbsp)
  • Water (aprox - 2 cups)
  • Wash and clean amtekai let dry in a colander. Then pat dry with the cloth
  • Remove the stem. Cut the edges on both the sides and make into half. In a pickle pot add salt mix well close the lid and store it for 1 day.
  • Then open the lid stir once and close it back
  • In the mean while dry roast chillies one by one on a low flame.
  • Then grind into a fine powder in a mixer. Then add mustard seeds grind into fine powder. Mix both add water little by little make a smooth paste ( not too watery)
  • Add into pickle jar mix well close the lid for room temperature for 2-3 days. (after 3 days taste the pickle if salt needed (add salt if necessary)
  • Pickle will be ready and refrigerate. 
Ps : everyday make sure to stir pickle in a clean spoon once.

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