Vegetable Manchurian (with Gravy)

This dish, if made dry, you can have it as a regular snack and if it is done with Gravy this will be a very tasty side dish for the Vegetable Fried Rice. I am posting the Veggie Manchurian with Gravy Recipe today. As simple as it is but it does take time for chopping the vegetables and making the vegetable dumplings. One can eat just like that with chutney , atleast my son did and he loved it. This is again popular Indo-chinese recipe .

Ingredients for Vegetable Dumplings
  • Green cabbage shredded - 1 cup
  • Spring onions, finely chopped - 1/2 cup
  • Carrots shredded - 1 cup
  • Beans , finely chopped - 1/2 cup
  • Green chillies finely chopped - 1/2 tsp
  • Ginger + Garlic paste - 1 tsp
  • Ajinomoto powder - 1/3 tsp
  • Corn flour - 1/2 cup
  • Maida - 2 tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil for deep frying
  • Cook the vegetables except spring onions till half done (do not over cooked)
  • Then take a bowl add cooked vegetables , add spring onions , add ajinomoto powder, salt to taste & add ginger garlic paste and chillies and corn flour & maida mix well and make a dough ( add sprinkle water if it is too thick) and make small dumplings
  • Deep fry the vegetable dumplings until golden brown

  • Spring onions, finely chopped - 1/2 cup
  • Ginger paste - 1/3 tsp
  • Garlic , finely chopped - 1 tsp
  • Corn flour - 2 tsp ( dissolved into water)
  • Soya sauce - 4 tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Water - 2 cups
  • Ajinomoto powder - A pinch
  • Olive oil - 1 tsp
  • Heat pan add oil and add spring onions stir fry
  • Then add spring onions , ginger paste and garlic fry
  • then add water and add soya sauce bring to boil on low flame
  • add salt to taste, ajinomoto, corn flour, stir for few minutes until medium thick (if it is too thick add some water)
  • Just before serving add vegetable dumplings to the gravy
  • Serve hot with fried rice

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kitchen queen said...

yummmmmmmmmmmmmy and delicious dish.

Dori said...

Looks soooo delicious!

Satya said...

wow manchurian looks soooooo yummy ,tempting ...makes me hungry dear :)


Kannada Cuisine said...

Love Manchurian! Looks pretty pretty..

Unknown said...

never tried with gravy..will do i soon..looks super delicious..

Priya Suresh said...

Omg, wat a tempting manchurian with gravy...feel like having some..

Pavani said...

yummy n delicious and looks colourful

Rachana said...

My all time favorite chinese dish! Beautiful presentation..the gravy looks delicious! Feel like having some right now!

Anonymous said...

Wow!looks delicious!!!!!!!!!!


Chitra said...

I have an eye on veg manch.. for a long time.will try this in a weekend.Bookmarked !!

Akila said...

First time visiting your blog...

Really awesome...

When you find time do visit my blog and I would like to invite you to participate in the events CID-2010 and DNSW: A by sending your special recipes.

Thanks said...

Looks very tempting!

Unknown said...

Great post. I like this recipe. Its taste very yummy.

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