Hello! I am Ms. Galante, Parikhith's FACS teacher. He mentioned your blog and I just checked it out amazing-I love Indian food!!! Keep up the good work...

Adriana Galante

Am following "malas-kitchen"..

Harish Acharya

It is amazing how well you do all of the thindis.


Hi Mala,I visited your blog for the first time today. I love iyengari cuisine and found it in your blog. All recipes are good. It's time for me to try those. .


Hi, Am Bhargavi.Am very delighted to see this blog,ever since I moved into cooking I kept searching for all Iyengar recipes finally i get to see kadaq puli in ur blog.Happy with it.Was basically a Hebbar Iyengar,now married to Madras Iyengar,they really don't understand our tamil nor our cuisine.Well ur blog is great I will surely share it with them.Will keep in touch


Hello Mala, My name is Anisha Iyengar. I am wading into cooking, I started recently. I have an urge to make some nalagari (unfortunately Google is not helpful). I saw the recipe for the pudi, but sadly I haven't found a recipe for the dish. Your help would be great... I wanted to impress my fiance of a year with something special tonight! He's from madras so I thought nalagri would be something he hasn't tasted before...


Hi, I am basically a Melkote Iyengar, got married to hebbar Iyengar. Can u plz help in giving recipe for the below mentioned items. I and my husband are flying to US for a year, my mamiyar will give sambar pudi. But the problem I keep forgetting what are the ingredients to be use. My husband likes all hebbar Iyengar food a lot..... So I just want to keep him happy.


Hi,Your badam powder recipe in your blog is good


Hi Mala, I visited your blog and found it be very exciting. I really want to try all the dishes which you have listed.


Hello Mrs. Vanamala, Thanks a lot for your site. It is very helpful.


Hi Mala, I live in USA and I am constantly looking for our traditional recipes. I am also Hebbar Iyengar. I enjoy cooking and sweets are my area of interest. I enjoy looking at your blogs and recipes. Thank you for posting them and the younger generation of Hebbar Iyengars growing up in USA will benefit along with their parents!!


Hi,I am a frequent visitor to your blog.


Hi Mala, I found your blog online and have enjoyed perusing your recipes which I hope to try. They bring back wonderful memories of my vacations in Bangalore with my grandparents when I was a child.


Hello Mala, My name is Kaushik and I'm a south Indian born and brought up in Bangalore. I stay in Columbus, OH now. I was told about your blog by one of my American friends who has turned vegetarian. She said that she tries out recipes from your blog and that they are very good.


Hi mala im a north indian got marrid 2 south india. Ur blog has helpd me a lot. I hav tried many of ur recipes and it has cum gd.


Hello Vanamala, First of all, I must apologise to you for not giving enough credit! naan ungde blog ulle ikkar romba items try pannikre! But I feel that I havent thanked you enough!


Thanks for the recipe and it is informative


Hi, Came across your blog while googling for Kadagpuli recipes. Am a Hebbar Iyengar as well; but born and brought up in Delhi. Was in Europe the last 10 years and now back in Delhi since the last 2-3 months. So, while I have eaten all the typical Iyengar dishes at home (amma used to make them); didnt ever embark on cooking them while in Europe - as Indian ingredients' availability was an issue where we lived. But now that I am back, I wanted to start making and learning some traditional recipes. Hence that search on Google.Your blog is a wonderful find - for sure I will visit that regularly and try out all those typical Iyengar recipes.


hi, how r u? i m mrs. pallavi srikant iyengar from karjat,( maharashtra) india.i m also hebbar iyengar (basically kutchi jain married to hebbar iyengar )as i am from different cast i dont know all the customs & celebration of hebbar iyengars. so, if u will help me to do all that things in right way it will be very helpful to me. i had gone through your blog and it is very nice and helpful to me. i will be happy if u will post the recipe of archkarch nalgaram.hope to hear from u very soon


Hi Mala,Your blog is like a boon to working ladies like me. As you know food is an integral part of our life. I am very interested in trying out different dishes.


Hi Mala,Your blog is like a boon to working ladies like me. As you know food is an integral part of our life. I am very interested in trying out different dishes.


Beautiful Kovil Dosai pic.


I am a Kalkunte Iyengar from Bangalore, but based in Mumbai after marriage. I loved your recipes, though many of them I make at home, there were a few that I am dying to try out.Keep posting new recipes!


I am a graduate student in Drexel University Philadelphia. I am a hebbar iyengar too and I am really excited to try your recipes.


I am a vegeterian, i am not a brahmin, i love vegeterian curries recipes.


Hi, I'm intrested to know more recipes from your page.


I liked Iyengar cooking method and receipes.


Hi I a hebbar Iyengar from Bangalore\Mumbai and now settled in Austin. Regularly go through your Iyengar recipe and experiment and really comes good. Thanks for your effort and interest.


Hi vanamala your recipes are nice.


Hi! I live in South Korea and use your blog all the time - especially when I'm trying to recreate Amma's cooking! Anyway, I recently found out that a lot of the plain yoghurt that I can buy easily here has gelatine, so my (veg) husband can't eat it - can you make yoghurt just from milk (no yoghurt starter) and if so, can you post how to do it please? Thank you


Hi Mala,Thank you for being generous to share so many recipes.


Dear friend, thank you for your delicious recipes for dilpasand and the honeycake. My family enjoy desserts.

Zeenat Quaiyum, Bangladesh