Iyengar Recipes

Iyengar SideDish (Sambar, Rasam, Kolambu & Gojju)

Iyengar Starters : (Vade , Ambode)

  • Pairthupappu Vade
  • Pudina Ambode
  • Thayir Vade
  • Parappu Unde
  • Kosu Vade/Cabbage Fritters
  • Upp malaka/Uppu Mensinakai
  • TharkariBonda/VegetableBonda
  • KharaBoondi
  • Thair Ambode

    Anonymous said...

    Recipes are very nice and comes out very well when tried at home :)
    Keep posting more recipes.
    Wish you happy gokulatami

    Vanamala Hebbar said...

    Thank You :).. Happy Gokulashtami to you too.

    vishnupriya said...

    Please share recipe orunde potte kolambu.

    Vanamala Hebbar said...

    Hi Vishnupriya,

    Yeah my next post. It is already in my draft:)

    Madhu said...

    Nice recipes.
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    Anonymous said...

    Very nice recipes
    please share the recipe for the mixture which is made for weddings if you can
    thank you

    Vanamala Hebbar said...

    Thanks , will try to post it ASAP!

    Sam said...

    It's been 2 n a half years that my mom passed away, I had almost forgotten all the above recipes. I will definitely try when time permits. Thanks for sharing.

    Sam said...

    Can u pls upload how to prepare nalagari n its types. Thanks

    Vanamala Hebbar said...

    Thanks Sam , Yeah sure will post the nalagari's

    Sri Bindiganavile said...

    Please post how to make annapoorigai, a sweet poornam preparation similar to sajjappa but different in taste to sajjappa.

    Priyanka Jaggi said...

    Thanks for all the recipes.. I am fond of having food and also loves cooking.. So this is really a good food blog for me... btw I have a food blog too... Please check it... Thanks... Food Time Together

    Sathyaprakash Hosur said...

    Sathya/Balaji from Dubai,
    It's really appreciative, These are good and simple recipes, by reading the above its mouth watering create presence of mind to prepare and eat when we are away from home town.
    Thanks for your courage for adding Iyengar's recipes.

    Pattabhiraman Vijayaraghavan said...


    Can you post Pavakai Pitlai

    Vanamala Hebbar said...

    Hi Pattabhiraman,

    I will definitely post the recipe of Pavakai Pittai. Thank you