Cone Dosa

The batter for this is the same as the regular dosa. But the trick to make a cone, Will explain this in detail below. My 2 kids love the cone dosa instead of regular round dosa. Learned how to make cone dosa in my parents place Mysore, India. 

Dosa Batter Prep Time  : 4 hrs + 8hrs Fermintration
Prep Time : 5 Mins
Cook Time : 5 Mins

Ingredients for Dosa Batter
  • Urad dal / Black gram / Uluthupapparp - 2 Cup
  • Par Boiled Rice / Kudbalarshi / Kudubalakki - 1 Cup
  • Water to soak
  • Salt to taste
Method for Batter
  1. Wash rice and urad dal. Soak plenty of water for 4 hrs
  2. Then drain all the water add into wet grinder or blender / mixer
  3. Add 2 cups of water and grind into a smooth batter
  4. Add salt and mix well. Close the lid and keep it to ferment about 8 hrs
Method for Cone Dosa
  1. Heat tawa / plain flat pan. Pour a laddle full of batter in a pan and spread it like a round shape (Pancake) should be thin. Cook in a medium flame 
  2. Melted butter and oil mixed it, in a spoon pour oil and butter on the edges. When it is almost golden roasted switch of the flame. Take a knife or scissors or sharpen spatulla (whichever is handy) cut the dosa into 1/3 (till middle) and flip over and roll till the other edges. 
  3. Serve with Chutney  or Sambar

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