Phulka (Indian Flat Wheat Bread)

Phulka is a Indian soft Roti (Flat bread). This is Oil free Roti. This is made directly on the hob. First cooked on a flat tava (pan) then transfer directly on to the flame rotti should "puff' and then it becomes soft. It is healthy since it does not have any oil or ghee and also made with whole wheat flour. 

Prep Time : 10 Mins
Cook Time : 15 - 20 Mins
Makes : 20 Phulkas

  • Wheat Flour - 2 cups (I used Multigrain Ashirvad Atta)
  • Oil - 2 tsp
  • Salt to taste (aprox) 1/2 tsp
  1. Add warm water to the wheat flour to form a firm dough, and knead till smooth
  2. Cover keep aside for about 10minutes, and knead again
  3. Divide into small balls and roll out into round shape (medium size) with the help of flour using rolling pin
  4. Heat tava (flat pan) put the phulka wait to come out of bubbles and flip over and wait for bubbles on the other side too. Then transfer into direct flame it starts black spots flip over on the other side using tong(gripping and lifting) wait to puff and black spots on both the sides and Serve as soon as possible
  5. Do it same procedures. (it is easy once it practiced and makes fast)

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Motions and Emotions said...

This is in our regular diet and you made it perfectly...thanks for linking

Priya Suresh said...

Thanks Vanamala for ur interest, u r welcome to host Healthy Diet event.. will definitely reserve April 2014.. thanks again.

Unknown said...

Looks Great . Nice Post