About Iyengar's Cuisine

Iyengar Cusine is a complete Vegetarian cuisine predominantly using fresh vegetables. This cuisine also does not use Onion or Garlic. Most of the dishes have coconut / dried coconut. Very minimal spices are used in this cuisine.

Iyengar authentic traditional cuisine have curries, rice dishes, sweets, kharas & festival dishes. A few of the most patented dishes of this cuisine are Puliyogare, Pongal, Sakar Pongal and Dhadhyodanam. These are also traditional dishes and are made for prasadams in temples. These exotic unique dishes are available in my website.

Measurements on the recipes are completely according to my own taste. Do try your own measurements if you feel the need . I hope people enjoy the dishes / recipes which have been posted . Thank you all , be happy , keep eating ;-) & keep visiting my blog .

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