This is almost like chakli and it looks the same too but that is a bit different than chakli type. This is made using moong dal flour.

Ingredients for Mucheru Mavu / Flour (type of chakli)

  • 1 kg - Raw Rice / Akki
  • 1/2 kig - Moong dal / Hesaru bele
  • Butter (unsalted) -  5 grms (adjust your measurements)
  • Salt to taste
  • Sesame seeds - 2 tsp
  • Asafoetida / Hing/ Perangyam - a pinch
  • Wash both rice and dal and spread it for dry it in the large towel on normal temperature for few hours
  • Take a large wok roast the rice (Rice should be medium wet ) on low flame
  • Moong dal should be dry completely
  • And make a nice powder using blender or flour mill
Method of making mucheru
  • Take a 2 cup of mucheru flour add white sesame seeds and few pinch of asafoetida, butter and salt to taste
  • Mix well in and make a thick dough using water.
  • Take a chakli presser and put chakli whole plate and fill the dough and make a press just like chakli or any shape. ( if it is too thick dough make wet hand to fill the chakli presser)
  • Heat pan full of oil and deep fry till golden color
  • Serve and store it in airtight box for few weeks / a month
Recipe Source : My Mom

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kitchen queen said...

lovely and crispy murukkus.

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Mucheru looks so crispy n crunchy n yumm!

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Crispy murukkus looks yumm..

Raks said...

I love it anytime,nice recipe!

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looks sooo delicious.

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we called it as murukku,looks very crunchy..

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good. but u forgot to add salt :)

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Unknown said...

How much butter should be added to one cup rice fl and half cup moongdal fl?