Heerekayi Thove

Thove usually my family especially my amma and patti makes only on this veggie. I like this recipe a lot. 


  • Toor Dal / Tuvar Dal / Thavar Parppu / Yellow Lentils - 1 cup
  • Hirekayi / Ridge Gourd - 1 (Peel and chop the hirekayi into cubes)
  • Lime  juice - 5 tbsp ( adjust as per taste)
  • Yengai Powder (vangibath pd) - 3 tbsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Jaggery to taste
  • Grated coconut - 1 tbsp
  • Coriander leaves - few 

  1. Wash the toor dal adding enough water, add a pinch of turmeric and pressure cook about 3 whistles.
  2. Take a pan add 1/2 cup water
  3. Add hirekayi cubes and a pinch of salt into water. Boil till hirekayi soft
  4. Add dal into hirekayi
  5. Add Yengai powder mixed with warm water and pour into dal/parppu, salt, jaggery stir well
  6. Add coconut boil for few minutes
  7. Turn off the stove. Add lime juice stir 
  8. Garnish coriander leaves
Serve with hot rice & ghee

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Linda said...

Hi Vanamala, I love ridge gourd, and your hirekayi thove looks delicious! Thank you for sharing your recipe for JFI Toor Dal :)

Laavanya said...

Thanks for this great recipe with ridgegourd and toor dhal. The vangi bhath powder must add a special touch.

Laavanya said...

Ooh I forgot.. i also wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog but started commenting about your recipe... :)

Padmaja said...

Looks very nice and love your tinge of adding ridgegourd!!yummy!!

KayKat said...

Love that ridgegourd - especially with a lot of lemon and ginger :)

Siri said...

Adding ridgegourd is such a nice idea! Love the color of the dal!

~ Siri

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

My fav!!! Its been a while since I made it. Thanx for reminding me :)

Vani said...

I love hirekaayi thovve. Like Ramya, i;ts been quite a while since I've made it too.