Upp Malaka | Uppu Mensinakai | Salted Fried Chillies

This is nice to have with rasam rice  or curds rice  and with any other rice dish. Uppu means salt in kannada. One cannot have fried chilles just like that becoz its spicy hot.  Adding salt makes the chillies lose its spicyness. Normally prepared in Summer because it needs to be dried under a hot sun.  

Prep Time : 30 Mins + 2 Days

Ingredients to Stuffed Chillies
  • Salt / Upp / Uppu - 100 grms
  • Green Chillies / Hasar Malaka / Hasi Mensinakai - 1/2 kg (Indian chillies)
  • Butter Milk / Mor / Neeru Mosaru(Majige) - 1 lts

  1. Wash and pat dry slit the chillies in the middle and stuffed salt into the chillies
  2. Soak it in the buttermilk / mor / mosaru
  3. Close and keep it for one day and next day change the buttermilk and soak it for on the day full
  4. Drained all the buttermilk and spread it in the large plate and completely dry in the hot sun for 2 or 3 days
  5. Store it in the airtight box for about 6 months
  6. To fry : Heat pan add enough oil add chillies slowly and fry till brownish black color and serve

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Lakshmi said...

Majjige huli and this menasinkayi makes perfect combination. Slurrp!

divya said...

wow this is awesome n my fav...

Priya Suresh said...

Mouthwatering here..love this sundried chillies very much.