Thenga Obbatt | Kai Holige

Kai (coconut) in kannada , Thenga (Coconut) in Tamil. This is a sweet dish (obattu) which has jaggery stuffing. Also known as “Kai Holige”. This is made during all types of functions and festivals. It is a little tedious process but its very delicious. It has a soft texture and jaggery and coconut sweetness. My family just loves this obattu. I made this for Diwali feast at our home.

Prep time : 30 Mins
Soaking time : 1 hr
Cook time : 45 - 1 hr

Ingredients for sweet stuffing
  • Thenga / Coconut, grated / Kai thui - 2 cups
  • Vellau / Bella / Jaggery -  2 (If you are using aachu ( square ) jaggery its 2 full / using undebella (round jaggery) its 3 cups, grated
  • Soaked white rice / Arshi / Akki - 1/4 cup 
  • Poppy Seeds / Gasgase  - 1 tsp 
  • Thenga/Kai/Coconut, Vellu / bella/jaggery, drian out all the water in the rice,  alltogether grind into a smooth paste in the blender 
  • Transfer sweet mixture into thick pan and in the low flame cook and constantly stir it will come out thick then remove from the fire cool a bit and make a small size balls and keep aside.

Ingredients for obbatt dough  
  • Chiroti rave / Sojji Rave -  1/2 kg - 500grms
  • Maida / All Purpose Flour - 1/4 kg - 250grms
  • Oil - 2 spoon
Method for Obbatt
  • Mix dough and knead well. Keep aside for few mins. Make a medium size balls
  • Roll it (size should be poori) with the help of maida flour
  • In the centre put sweet mixture and cover the edges and  sprinkle gasgase / poppy seeds roll it like flat just like chapati
  • Then heat the tawa place obattu roast on low flame. Cook both the side, apply little ghee / oil
  • It will turn on golden color
  • Repeat the same for the rest of dough balls and sweet mixture
  • Serve with ghee

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