Carrots - 1 kg
Mawa / Kova (whole dried Milk) - 50 grms
Sugar - 2 cups
Pure Ghee - 3 tsp
Milk - 2 tbsp
Dry fruits ( Sliced Almond, Cashews, Raisin) - 1 tsp each
Cardamom powder - 1 tsp

  1. Peel and grate carrots
  2. Place it into the pressure cooker (do not add water or milk) till 3 vissile
  3. Take a heavy bottom pan add mawa/kova add 2 tbsp milk stir till mava /kova melts then add cooked carrots
  4. Add sugar stirring occasionally, cook till thickness until all liquid evaporates
  5. Add ghee, elachi, bring to boil for thickness
  6. Stir well on low flame until ghee starts separating. Remove from the hob
  7. Take a small pan heat 1 tsp ghee
  8. Add dry fruits fry till golden
  9. Garnish with almonds, cashews and raisins
Serve hot / warm or cold

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Sia said...

cooking in pressure cooker sound quite easy mala. i usually cook it in kadai. will try ur way next time. thanks for this recipe:)

DEEPA said...

mala ...i also made carrot halwa last week only . Must have tasted great ...

USHA said...


Carrot halwa looks delicious and tempting...hmm..yummy. mouth watering.