Gokulashtasmi Preparations (Krishna Janmashtami)

Gokulashtami (Krishna Janmashtami ) around the corner. Hopefully in every house preparations have started. Here i am posting Thindi Preparations pictures from Srivaishnava Sabha , Sarswathipuram , Mysore . Absolutely looking wonderful thindi's and huge chakli's & other thindi's made in large quantities. I have posted almost all these thindi's in the my foodie blog, gokulashtami thindi's and sweets. Checkout in the recipe index. 

 photo 0c47146c-beea-4e31-89a9-086cf1aafdb6_zps9736f7e1.jpg

 photo a0b2f1ca-be46-4c04-a1aa-157866f867b2_zps27f82b8b.jpg

 photo 977c1f57-a2a2-41a2-9f3b-022c497e9f28_zps2f45a284.jpg

 photo 03549ac1-0297-44c5-b01a-b852ea3b1ab3_zps57c731ef.jpg

 photo d9ad0e28-1195-45c3-8bb8-a76de021545d_zpsdff8f686.jpg

 photo 968aaafc-54e9-4629-be18-4731f7351059_zps8339a0ce.jpg

 photo 0aa10353-da41-470e-8c67-01b667002a97_zps0ce56ac2.jpg

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Vanamala for posting the picture. I am from same city and reminds me of old memory :-)
I am following your website from past 1yr and has been very useful.


Vanamala Hebbar said...

Thanks Ramya:)