Grilled Cheese Tomato Sandwich

Guess everyone needs a change everyday. Its the same in the case of food too. Thought of making a Sandwich today and posting it. Sandwich, generally made of 2 breadslices which are layered and some sort of a filling (Fresh Veggies, Cheese etc.,) inside. This sandwich is a variation of the same. Takes not more than 15 mins to make. Best for people on the run, kids etc.,Its also suitable as an evening snack.


  • 4 slices of sandwich bread Or white bread
  • 4 slices of tomato
  • 4 slices of cheddar cheese, or any other cheese slices
  • Salt
  • Un salted butter


  • Heat grill or tava on low flame
  • Put a spoon full of butter. Place a bread slices.
  • Arrange cheese slices on each bread. Then place the tomato slices on top of the cheese
  • Sprinkle with salt, if desired.
  • Cover with the other slice of bread
  • Place the assembled sandwich in the skillet, and cover to help the cheese melt.
  • When the bread is golden on one side, flip the sandwich. Continue cooking uncovered until the other side is golden.
  • Cut diagonally into two triangles and serve hot.

Sending this to Sandwich Festival, hosted by Food n more 

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FH said...

Love that dripping cheese girl! Major SLURP!:D
Got your hubby involved in your blog too? Good for you and good for him! Arvind will never cook anything for me or may be I couldn't be able eat what he cooks anyway! ;D

ranji said...

love the cheesy look of ur sandwich..yummmmmy...i also make the same sandwich with an addition of basil in it...

EC said...

Thats a cool one with lots of cheese

Deepa Kuber said...

lovely sandwich recipe.. look at the melting cheese.. Omg!! it looks so inviting.. yum!

Uma said...

nice entry for the sandwich festival! looks so cheesy and yummy!

Madhavi said...

great entry, love grill cheese sandwich. looks very yummmmm!!!

Anupama said...

Dear Vanamala,

Thanks for this yummy and too good to resist recipe. That melted cheese looks so good I had an immediate craving for a cheese sandwich.

Kalai said...

My favorite type of grilled cheese sandwich! :)

Anonymous said...

My father -in-law is going to visit us and he have asked for sandwiches.
I was searching for the best and now i got it.Thanks a lot!will try it soon.

Unknown said...

love these cheesy sandwiches..

Red Chillies said...

Love the way the cheese is oozing out from the first picture! Delish

Unknown said...

looks cheese sandwiches anytime...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. This is one of my favourite quick snacks in winter.

Prema Sundar said...

cheesy sandwiches look awesome..

Sia said...

mala, that cheese oozing out from bread is simply beautiful.

Vanamala Hebbar said...

Thank you dear friends:)

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