Yengai Pudi

This is Yengai powder or also called as Vangibhaath Powder.This is used in south indian style curries. Gives the curry more spice and taste.“Yengai” ( means Vegetable in Oil) is a tamil word. Using this powder a Rice Dish with Eggplant called VangiBhaath is made. “Vangi” – means Badnekaayi or Eggplant . This is popular dish in Karnataka.

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  • Bengal Gram / Chana Dal / Kadale Bele - 100 grm
  • Black Gram / Urad Dal / Uddina Bele - 50 Grm
  • Cinnamon sticks / Chakke - 5 small pieces
  • Clove / Lavanga - 4
  • Poppy Seeds / Gasagase - 1/2 tsp
  • Baydagi Chillies - 8 to 10
  • Heat a Large wok
  • Fry all the ingredients on medium flame and make a fine powder using mixer.
  • Store it in the airtight box.
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Happy cook said...

Curry powder looks so nice, now we will have to wait for some recipes using them.

Cham said...

Ur vangi bath powder looks little different. Nothing beat the homemade powder

Uma said...

vangi bath powder looks so good and spicy!

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

I have never tried your way hope urs will have a nice aroma too. Lovely Pudi.

anudivya said...

Never tried this before, and love home made podis..

DK said...

I make Vangi bath powder at home too...Will try your version next time I make a fresh batch :)

Kalai said...

Must have smelled great! :)

sowmya said...

nice recipe for masala..

Priya said...

Wow vangibath powder looks too preparation will be almost similar to the colour of the powder..

AnuSriram said...

This sounds good.. Easy recipe to keep handy and for preparing lunch box in minutes..

meeso said...

Looks nice and tasty.

Sagari said...

very nice recipeee

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

oh, I love yengai!! But I dont make it that often... So, I grind the masala in small quantities and finish it up then and there. love the color of ur pudi