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ME, MYSELF and Vanamala !!!

This is the first time I am writing about myself. In a way I am feeling happy and strange to do so. Thanks to 'Ramya' of ‘ Maneadige’ blog who tagged me to share my life experiences.

I want to thank ‘ mathy kandasamy’ and Indira who helped me to add my blog to food blog desam. Bee from Jugalbandi was the one who told me to join food blog desam. Thanks to her too.

It is difficult to write about myself. But will try my best to put in some experiences and my likes and dislikes of my life.

  • I am a very straightforward girl. I am crazy about vehicles, dresses, artificial jewelery, traveling and shopping. I used to ride a two-wheeler bike ( TVS Scooty ) in my college days. I cried a lot the day I had to sell my Scooty. After my marriage when I moved to bombay I bought a Nova and that was a completely different experience.
  • I am from Mysore, Karnataka. Its my birthplace and even my eduction was in Mysore. My most memorable years were my college days and also the period when I joined Aptech computers for a course. Those were the days when I enjoyed the most…
  • Before marriage I was working in Mysore in Central Institute of Indian Languages. That was my beautiful experience ever. Had to leave the job after I married and moved to Bombay. We were 4 of us colleagues. We enjoyed a lot. One happy thing is that one of my colleagues is living in US in Philadelphia. We talk a lot on phone and laugh about our experience when we used to work together. Whenever I am on phone with her my husband and my son keep on staring at me as if they are watching someone mad.
  • I used to cook from a very young age like from when I was in 12th std. In this blog, most of my recipes are taken from my mom… she is an amazing cook. Of course everyone likes their Mom's cooking. My dad is also a wonderful cook. He used to cook when he was staying in Chennai alone for his job. My mother-in-law cooks well but I have not got a chance to live with her for a long time. She lives with my BIL. Now my husband loves all my recipes and he is my fan now hehehe :).
  • My husband works as a software consultant and he has been in bombay for about 12 years now. But we used to travel a lot depending on his projects. Thanks to his projects I have been to UK, US, France etc.,. We both love Bombay so much but for now we are in US
  • I love watching movies especially salman khan movies. I am a big fan of his. Earlier in my college days my room would be full of his posters. The best part is I used to make my friends also help me to collect his posters. First time Prakash (that’s my husband) came to our house after we got engaged my sister showed him my room and he had a surprised smile on his face wondering what he had got into :). Even now I love his movies and make it a point to see all. I have a fascination for interior design and I love to do keeping changing things around in my house. I have also learnt Carnatic classical music for a few years but now I only sing for my son. He has a very musical ear ;-)
  • I spent my childhood in sarswathipuram, mysore. We were in a joint family along with my grandmother. My father and his two brothers stayed together. We are 21 cousins along with me and my sister on my fathers side (a huge family LOL !!!!). We had lots of fun together and I have wonderful memories of that period. Playing all kinds of games, roaming around, going to different schools, learning bicycle and in summer visiting my cousins from my mother’s side are part of those wonderful memories. Even though now we are far off from each other we are still close to each other by way of emails, phones etc.,.

    I will end up my MEME…

    Now I will tag 'Athika' Food masala and SeeC from En Samayal Arai
    Please feel free to play only if you have the time


Anonymous said...

Hi Mala,
I have been your foodie blog reader for long time. I have a lot of regard for your effort that you have been putting into this blog. I have never posted a single comment up until now, but when I read about yourself, I couldn't resist. I have a request, I am not sure if it is appropriate to ask, but want to put a face to your name. As a woman I relate to your experiences in life. You should write more about yourself and life in USA in general. How does things work out with family, obligations and staying home with your child in USA. You should definately post your pictures along with your family. Anyways, it was great practising your receipes. I love different kind of food.

Srivalli said...

Hi Mala.....nice to read your meme...and you have a nice blog...good work..


J said...

Nice meme. Good to see you on foodblogdesam.

SeeC said...

Thanks Mala, for visiting my blog and tagging me.

It was nice knowing you. Interesting read.

You have a wonderful collection over here. Will visit often.

Roopa said...

hi mala, first time here nice to know you. its great to see another kannadiga blog. :)

Vanamala Hebbar said...

Roshni nice to see your msg. Will definitely put some more about my life and with the family pic :)thank you.
Thank you srivalli.
Jyothsna thank you.
SeeC thank you. Waiting for your meme.... and recipes
Hey roopa thank you. Singapore hegidhe ? nima blog na nodthairthini avaga avaga..collection of recipes thumba changidhe..that 2 kannada dali ella fonts :) i like that.

Sharmi said...

Hi Mala, it was nice to know you from your meme as i am a visiting your blog for the first time. you have some lovely recipes which have have to try out. your blog looks nice.

Jyothi said...

Hi Mala, first time at your blog. Nice blog with yummy recipes. Your meme is very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I am adding your blog name in my foodie's list.

Kajal said...

Nice to read your ME ME. Really if your colleagues live in US then you are really enjoy their....I know when my friend call then my papa is also feel as your family feel.....but we are enjoy most....WOW you see nice country with your husband....I think your childhood is also great with your 21 cousins....I also think not one child atleast three no matter brother or sister because we share lots of things in childhood and after younger...

Prema Sundar said...

Salman khan ... I was crazy abt him in my college days too. I had abt HAHK more that 10 times and love to watch it any time.
Nice knowing abt u vanamala.

Anamika Irani said...

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