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In India, there are many types of Mango Pickle with each region having their own tastes. Here is the one kind of Mango Pickle recipe which my mom prepares in the Mango Season every year. You can have this with all tiffins and usually curd Rice. There is also one way to taste this Mango Pickle separately. Trust me! It tastes Yummy… Take a cup of hot plain Rice; add 1tsp of oil and 1-2 tsp of Pickle juice. Mix it thoroughly and eat this with rasam dal as side curry. This is our very favorite dish at my home. Usually it is suitable while having homely food during lunch hours.

  • Sour Mango - 1 kg
  • Red chilli whole - 50 grm (i used Byadagi Chilli)
  • Mustard seeds - 2 tsp
  • Sea Salt - 2 or 3 tsp
  1. Cut mango's into half and remove the seed and chop medium sized pieces.
  2. Grind red chilli and mustard seeds make a fine powder
  3. Add water 1 or 2 cups (not very thick or thin) grind make smooth paste
  4. Add grinded masala into mango pieces
  5. Add salt and mix well
  6. Keep pickle outside(normal temp) for one or two days
  7. Saute well and then put in a ceramic jar or a glass jar, keep Refrigerate
  8. This pickle can be kept for 6 months or more

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turmericnspice said...

Mouth watering, I love pickles. What would life be without pickles !! Love the color